About Us

Leading Health Insurance Marketplace

Millions of Americans have counted on HealthMarkets to protect their health and financial well-being. We are a technology-enabled health insurance marketplace delivering high-touch, customized health and supplemental insurance solutions to individuals, families and small businesses.

We have served millions of customers since our founding in 1984. We built our company on a foundation of integrated businesses driven by our proprietary technology platform, HealthMarkets Insurance Exchange. This network seamlessly links our people, products, data and processes to connect us with our customers in the way they choose.

We understand the great responsibility that comes with being a trusted advisor, which is why our business is grounded in a set of beliefs that guide our actions, shape our culture, and fuel our future. As part of UnitedHealthcare’s individual business segment, HealthMarkets is committed to its brand promise of providing consumer choice and unbiased advice when it comes to insurance options. HealthMarkets is proud to offer plan options from more than 200 carriers.

Our Mission

At HealthMarkets, our mission, vision, and values are a part of everything we do. They’re the foundation of our company and our culture. They encompass who we are, what we stand for, and where we’re going.

So what is our mission? It’s actually two-fold. First, deliver to consumers the best protection at the best price through unparalleled convenience, choice, and counsel. Second, provide agents with a platform that is the most compelling, competitive, and contemporary in the industry.

Our Vision

HealthMarkets aims to be the preferred choice for consumers and our independent agents.

Delivering Choice

More than 4,000 health insurance plans offered nationwide

Over 1,000 supplemental insurance plan types to choose from nationwide

More than 200 insurance companies competing for your business

Delivering Convenience

24/7 service over the phone

Instant quotes at HealthMarkets.com

3,000+ local agents spread over 40 states and D.C.

Delivering Counsel

We’re with you every step of the way—we’re your insurance ally

Our insurance solutions are personalized for your needs

Our agents are true professionals – 100% undergo comprehensive training and licensing

Delivering Success

Sold approximately $1.6 billion in Annual Premium Equivalents for carrier partners in 2016

Enrolled individuals in over 3 million health, supplemental, life and seniors benefits policies since 2010

98% retention rate of our 500 top-producing agents

Our Values

At HealthMarkets, we are guided by our company values that we call our 3Cs.

Our 3Cs

  • Character: Doing the right thing by exhibiting sound judgment, effectively collaborating, and treating everyone we encounter with respect.
  • Commitment: Vowing to be driven, engaged, and dedicated to the best outcome for everyone involved.
  • Competence: Applying our adaptability, innovative solutions, and experience to make us the best at what we do.


The three Cs of character, commitment, and competence are great values, but they don’t mean much if they aren’t integrated into our daily routines. That’s why we’ve created an acronym to help us remember how to live the values. We call it IMPACT.

  • Inspire through Integrity – Doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.
  • Motivate through Mastery – Being the best at what we do.
  • Prosper through Passion – Going the extra mile and finding the best solution for every situation.
  • Adapt with Agility –Being able to adapt to changing consumer preferences, business priorities, and regulatory requirements.
  • Care for Customers – Providing great service, knowledgeable advice, and resources to our consumer, agents, and especially each other.
  • Triumph through Teamwork – Working together to accomplish more through collaboration, communication, and shared insight.

Our mission, vision, and values are a part of everything we do. They’re the foundation of our company and our culture. They encompass who we are, what we stand for and we will achieve them through our 3Cs and IMPACT.

Our values guide us as we rise to meet each day.